Line Protection Relay-DTVA Product Type

  • :Protecta/EU
  • :18 months from date of shipment or on request

The DTVA product type is configured to protect, control and supervise the elements of the transmission network, where systems are typically solidly grounded worldwide. In these networks single phase-to-ground faults result in high currents comparable to line-to-line faults; therefore, both types of faults need fast protection functions.

The main protection functions of the DTVA type include high-speed distance protection with five independent protection zones and line differential protection. The relays support the general teleprotection schemes (POTT, PUTT etc.). Additionally, the DTVA product type includes a variety of versatile protection functions: directional and non- directional overcurrent protection, voltage-based protection and frequency based protection. The HV automatic reclosing function provides multi- shot auto reclosing with a synchro-check feature. The dead times can be set individually for each cycle and separately for single phase faults and multi-phase faults.

The relay can be used for single- or three-phase tripping and it supports double breaker terminals such as breaker and a half or ring bus topology.




Product details


♦ Native IEC 61850 IED with Edition 2 compatibility.
♦ Scalable hardware to adapt to different applications.
♦ 84 HP or 42HP wide rack size (height: 3U) with several mounting methods: Rack; Flush mounting; Semi-flush mounting; Wall mounting; Wall-mounting with terminals; Flush mounting with IP54 rated cover.
♦ The pre-defined factory configuration can be customized to the user’s specification with the powerful EuroCAP tool
♦ Flexible protection and control functionality to meet special customer requirements.
♦ Advanced HMI functionality via color touchscreen and embedded WEB server, extended measuring, control and monitoring functions.
♦ User configurable LCD user screens, which can display SLDs (Single Line Diagrams) with switchgear position indication and control as well as measuring values and several types of controllable objects.
♦ Various protection setting groups available.
♦ Enhanced breaker monitoring and control.
♦ High capacity disturbance recorder (DRE) and event logging (data is stored in non-volatile memory):
      ° DRE for up to 32 analogue and 64 digital signal channels with duration up to 10s and sampling rate up to
      ° Event recorder can store more than 10,000 events.
♦ Wide range of communication protocols:
      ° Ethernet communication: IEC61850;IEC60870-5-104;DNP3.0 TCP;Modbus TCP
      ° Serial communication: DNP3.0; IEC60870-5-101/103; MODBUS, SPA.
♦ Legacy network based protocols via 100Base-FX and 10/100Base-TX (RJ45). Optional communication ports: Fiber optical Ethernet (MM/ST, SM/FC), RJ45, Serial POF, Serial glass fiber, RS-485/422.
♦ The EuroProt+ family can handle several communication protocols simultaneously.
♦ Built-in self-monitoring to detect internal hardware or software errors.
♦ Different time sources available: NTP/SNTP server; Minute pulse; Legacy protocol master; IRIG-B.


The number and the functionality of the members of each product type is put together according to the application philosophy, keeping in mind the possible main usages. The available configurations of the DTVA type are listed in the table below:

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