Secondary Equipment Cubicles

The secondary equipment cubicles perform the function of controlling and monitoring the operation of primary equipment in the power station: Indicating status, measuring electrical statistics, protecting and controlling primary equipment.

Substation Automation System

Substation Automation System is an advanced, utility-grade solution that provides a resilient data acquisition engine, information aggregation and processing, and an HMI for utility operations at the substation level. It offers seamless interoperability between the substation and the control room by aggregating and storing real-time data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) locally, processing this information, and then sending the resulting data to the controlroom.

Protection & Control IEDs

Solution for any high performance feeder, transformer, line or busbar protection application. Integrated protection, control, measurement and monitoring functions.
In-built distributed busbar protection functionality IED intercommunication according to IEC 61850.

Tariff Metering

The next generation energy meter designed for power transfer points requiring precise measurements and revenue transactions. Flexible and modular communications ensure integration with AMR / AMI / SCADA systems and upgrade to future sub-station automation systems. 4 quadrant energy measurement allows monitoring of generation transmission and distribution loads.

Industrial Networking Solution

A complete offering of industrial network solutions including Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches fully integrated with Gateway and FTU options DRP with fast recovery times within 20ms for redundancy. VLAN based DRP support to construct multiple redundant networks with variable uplinks DHP protocol with f lexible redundant chain schemes for network extension. Network security features: SSH, SSL, SNMP v3, IEEE802.3x, TACAS+, Radius and ACL Ethernet ports and serial ports RS232/RS485, 110VDC & 220VAC power options. Based on Intel® high performance processor, which brings the whole system stability and fast response.

Transformer Monitoring Solution

Transformer monitor for condition based, continuous online monitoring of asset health (CBM). Interfaces with a variety of Qualitrol and third party smart sensors, as well as traditional gauges to accurately measure transformer parameters vital to asset management. The solution utilizes a modular approach allowing for full system customization to specification, commissioning and setup.

C37.94-E1 Media Converter

Converters for interfacing protection equipment with IEEE C37.94 or optical E1 ports to communication networks using electrical E1.


Protection command transmission via dedicated optical fibers and communication networks.

Operational Telecom Solution

A node can perform all functions needed in an MPLS-TP network. The node can serve as an edge node where traffic is received on a LAN port, mapped into a
pseudowire and forwarded to the correct label switched path on a WAN port. It can serve as an intermediate node where traffic is transported from WAN port to WAN port based on the label in the MPLS header. Or it can perform both functions at the same time for different services.