Distance Protection Relay

E1-Line is a dedicated transmission overhead line and cable protection, control and automation IED. The relay provides complex protection, control and monitoring functions. It is member of the DTVA product type in the EuroProt+ product family. The EuroProt+ family complex protection – in respect of hardware and software – is a modular device. Because of the modular architecture, the modules are assembled and configured according to the user’s requirements; from that point on, the software determines the functions.

The DTVA product type is configured to protect, control and supervise the elements of the transmission network, where systems are typically solidly grounded throughout the world. In these networks single phase-to-ground faults result high current, similar to line-to-line faults; therefore, both types of fault need fast protection functions. The relay can be used for single- or three-phase tripping and it supports double breaker terminals such as breaker and a half or ring bus topology. The main protection functions of the DTVA type include high-speed distance protection with five independent protection zones and line differential protection. The relays support the general teleprotection schemes (POTT, PUTT etc.). Additionally the DTVA product type includes a variety of versatile protection functions: directional and non-directional overcurrent protection, voltage-based protection and frequency-based protection. The HV automatic reclosing function provides multi-shot autoreclosing with a synchro-check feature. The dead times can be set individually for each reclosing and separately for single-phase faults and multi-phase faults.

The E1-Line device is a dedicated transmission overhead line and cable distance protection and control IED; the relay offers complex protection, control...