Current/Voltage Protection Relay – S16 Series


The IED-EP+ S16 series is part of the EuroProt+ Smart Line numerical protection relay. Members of the Smart Line also offer a wide range of functions but they do so in a small, compact enclosure so that they can be installed in locations with limited space available for the protection equipment.

The IED-EP+ S16 series contains a special selection of the EuroProt+ modules, bearing in mind the cost effective realization. The low-cost IED-EP+ S16 series was able to be  realized with predefined hardware arrangement and fixed standard configurations.

Product details


♦ Compact (16HP) housing
♦ Software-configurable secondary rated current for the phase and the residual currents (1-3CT channel rated current: 1 or 5A; 4th channel: 0.2, 1, 5A)
♦ Universal power supply (19.2 - 300 VDC; 80 - 255 VAC)
♦ Event recorder for up to 1000 events
♦ Free, user-friendly software tool (S16 tool software).
♦ High-speed, supervised TRIP contacts Built-in supervision
♦ Several mounting methods: Flush mounting; Semi- flush mounting; Din rail mounting
♦ Software-configurable rated voltage of the binary inputs
♦ Ready-to-use and straightforward handling
♦ Supported communication protocols:
♦ IEC 60870-5-101
♦ IEC 60870-5-103
♦ 128x64 Black/White LCD with white blacklight 4x pushbuttons
♦ 8x three-color matrix programmable alarm LED indicators
♦ Three-color status LED
♦ Time synchronization protocol: PPS, IRIG-B


The IED-EP+ S16 is available in five predefined standard configurations to suit the most common feeder protection applications. Available configurations of the S16 series:
♦ Variant 1 is mainly used as main or backup overcurrent protection.
♦ Variant 2 provides additional motor protection functions compared to Variant 1.
♦ Variant 3 is suitable for those application where only voltage and frequency based protection functions are required.
♦ Variant 4 is extended with one voltage input. It can be used for residual voltage measuring. Consequently, the Variant 4 application includes the residual directional overcurrent protection function.
♦ Variant 5 provides motor protection functions above Variant 4.

The configured protection functions of each predefined standard configuration are listed in the table below:

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