220kV Ca Mau Wind Power Plant

  • Supply and construction of the entire first and secondary system of the project, including:
    • Main Transformer 225/35-35/35kV-250/125-125/125MVA
    • GIS for incomming and outgoing
    • Control and relay protection panels (CRP)
    • 24kV medium voltage cabinet system
    • AC/DC Power supply system
    • SCADA and communication system
    • Fault recorder system, phasor measurement unit, power quality monitoring system (FR/PMU/PQ)
    • Power metering system
220kV Ca Mau Wind Power Plant
220kV Ca Mau Wind Power Plant
220kV Ca Mau Wind Power Plant
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Other project
Providing integrated control system, first equipments and secondary cubicles
Providing CRP cubicles, SCADA System. Successful testing with A1
Providing Protection, Control, Scada, Metering, Telecommunication, FR/PQ/PMU, FL system. Successful testing with A0
Providing CRP cubicles Scada Relay configurations
Providing Server cubibles Providing SCADA System: Survalent StationCentral