Rack-Mount Ethernet Switch

EC61850-3 Industrial Ethernet Switch
Wide product range: Modularly designed rack mount switches and DIN-Rail models with high voltage input
Compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613
Supports NTP, precise time sync IEEE1588v2 and ITU-T.G.8261/G.8262 (Sync-E)
Supports redundancy protocols: IEC62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC62439-6(DRP), DT-Ring family, RSTP
Multi-service platform for switches and time server with GPS and IRIG-B modules
Built-in IEC61850 data modeling with MMS server for device management
Supports legacy RS232/485/422 serial connections combined with data switching.

SICOM3024P is a layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switch designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding utility substation and industrial environments....
SICOM3028GPT is a intelligent modular platform which is an All-in-One solution integrating IEEE1588v2, Sync-E, full gigabit, and both layer 2 & Layer 3 availability...