Generator Protection Relay

The generator protection relay is especially designed for protection and control applications of generators including generator + step-up transformer + auxiliary transformer blocks. 

The protection relays provide a variety of versatile protection functions such as differential protection (87G/87T), distance protection (21), stator and rotor earth fault protection (64S, 64R), current protection (50/51, 50/51N, 67/67N, 46), voltage protection (27, 59/59N, 47), frequency protection (81U/81O/81R), power protection (32/37), over and lost of excitation protection (24, 40), pole slipping protection (78),  breaker failure protection (50BF), synchro-check/synchro-switch function (25). Because of the implemented control, measuring and monitoring function, the IED can also be used as a bay control unit.

The DTRV product type is a member of the EuroProt+ numerical protection relay, made by Protecta Co. Ltd. The EuroProt+ complex protection in respect...
The E5-ASZKG is a control IED made for realizing automatic synchronizing for generators that connect to one or two buses. The E5-ASZKG devices are...