Fault Locator – TWS FL1/FL8


TWS-FL1/FL8 is a device that provides extremely precise (best accuracy of 60m) fault location up to 8 lines, enabling operation and maintenance engineers to respond rapidly to events and correct defects at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Fault location on interconnected overhead lines where high availability is  important. Accurate, consistent results for all types of faults quickly displayed in a control room or engineering centre where it is needed to direct maintenance teams and reduce downtime.

Product details

 TWS - the traveling wave technique

  • The traveling wave uses the double ended method of fault location
  • An accurate time reference is provided by GPS time synchronization
  • Installation requires minimal cabling
  • Mount GPS antenna with a clear view of the sky to ensure good GPS lock and time synchronization
  • Fit linear coupler transducers to the secondary of the protection current transformer wiring
  • Connect digital inputs or enable GOOSE messaging to detect line trips
  • Connect communication channel to allow data to be processed at a central location - essential for correct double ended operation
  • Each TWS FL-8 can monitor up to 8 line ends - for use in centralized relay rooms
  • Each TWS FL-1 can monitor one line end - for use in distributed substations


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