Fault Recorder – IDM+


IDM+ is a multifunction substation monitor offering advanced fault recording and long duration disturbance monitoring with options of phasor measurement in compliance to the IEEE C37.118 2005 specification; the most accurate fault location available using traveling wave methodology and Class A Power Quality in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (Ed 2.0)

Product details
  • The IDM+ multifunction power system monitor offers a wide variety of functions utilized in substations today. Combining standard features of fault recording and disturbance monitoring with the options of phasor measurement, power quality and highly accurate traveling wave fault location, the IDM+ family is designed to leverage investment with the key functions combined within one device.
  • The IDM+ family consists of three variants with two packaging arrangements:
    • IDM+ 9 - 9 analog and 32 digital channels (3U, 19 inch rack mountable enclosure)
    • IDM+ 18 - 18 analog and 64 digital channels (6U 19 inch rack mountable enclosure)
    • IDM+ 36 - 36 analog and 128 digital channels (6U 19 inch rack mountable enclosure)
  • The devices can be used as standalone monitors or combined via standard local area network (LAN) connections into a larger system.
  • Fast cross triggering via the LAN allows simultaneous collection of synchronized data across the group. Comprehensive triggering means high speed DFR records can be stored for all fault conditions and power system disturbances flagged marking time segments of interest in the DDR slow-scan continuous recording
  • Accurate time synchronization is important for the correct analysis of data from multiple sources and essential for phasor measurements and traveling wave fault location. A GPS receiver can be fitted to any device to achieve a time accuracy of 100 ns. Other devices in the group can be ‘time locked’ to the master device to an accuracy of 1µs via the network based NTP protocol and a separate 1pps. Other time synchronization options are available.
  • All data is stored in CompactFlash. Each device has 4 GB available as standard with options for 8 or 16 GB.
  • Communication is via ethernet (RJ45 or fiber), modem or serial port. Note that ‘IP forwarding’ can be enabled in the ‘master’ unit fitted with an internal modem. Calls for other ‘slave’ devices in the group are automatically routed through the ‘master’. Only one telephone line is needed to access multiple devices.
  • The IDM+ can be expanded in functionality as needs change. It can be configured as a digital fault recorder and disturbance monitor from the beginning and over time expanded into a multifunction substation monitor including PMU, PQ device and a TWS fault locator. Adding functionality in the future can be easily and inexpensively accomplished without the need for an
    additional device or central master station software.
  • With IEC 61850 protocol fully utilized within the device, the IDM+ is designed to meet both current and future state substation automation architectures

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