Trip & Lockout Relay (F86)

Product details

Tripping relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the contacts will change from one position to the other. The design of the ARTECHE relays has no consumption in permanence, and prevents both coils from being energized simultaneously.

This range includes relays with 3, 4, 8 and 16 contacts, with operating times below 10 ms, depending on the model, and possibility of manual reset. The position change is made with 2 sets of coils with separated entrances, in BF-3 and BJ-8, and with breaking-flame contacts for each set of coils

There are two main types of tripping and lockout relays:

  • BF-4RP for 4 contacts
  • BJ-8RP for 8 contacts
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