EVNNPT masters substation integrated control technology

18/01/2022 -

(Dan Tri) – The power transmission grid is like the “backbone” of the national power system, the substation control system is the “heart”. Faced with difficulties in management and operation of the integrated substation system, EVNNPT has developed strategies and guidelines throughout.

Since its establishment in July 2008, EVNNPT has assigned the Technical Department to assume the function of consulting throughout the technical management in both operation management and technical appraisal management of construction projects. design in investment and construction of transmission systems. Later (in 2011) unifying the model of EVN, EVNNPT transferred the function of technical appraisal in construction investment to the Construction Investment Board and now the Investment Management Board.

In 2017, EVNNPT established Power Transmission Technical Services Company (NPTS), NPTS was assigned the task of researching and mastering automation technology on the transmission grid.

Grasping the trend of applying science and technology in the field of TBA automation, EVNNPT has a policy of selecting engineers to send for training and technology transfer.

In 2011, EVNNPT cooperated with TOSHIBA to organize an intensive engineer training course on TBA protection and control systems in Japan.

Since 2015, EVNNPT has cooperated with SIEMENS to organize an intensive training course on SIEMENS’s SICAM PAS control system in Germany.

In 2018, right after NPTS was established, this unit continued to inherit intensive training courses to send students to participate in technology transfer training courses from ABB.

After the training courses, the trainees were supplemented with basic knowledge and specialized skills about SIEMENS’s SICAM PAS system, ABB’s MicroSCADA system. Currently, the group of trainees has been assigned to self-implement works related to SICAM PAS and MicroSCADA control systems in the power transmission system.

Realizing the importance of human resources for the field of computer control systems in the substation, EVNNPT assigned NPTS to select engineers with a good background of knowledge about control and protection systems in the central areas. Technical Service Center to implement the TBA automation technology training and transfer strategy.

Up to now, NPTS has trained a force of engineers at technical service centers, although the number is still small, but with the ability to grasp and master technology at a number of TBA control systems, the This engineer can completely self-declare extensive configuration, edit control systems during operation.

EVNNPT masters substation integrated control technology - 1
Directly operating the 220kV Thuy Nguyen Substation (Hai Phong, the first substation number of EVN).

Training in the field of TBA automation is always focused and enhanced. EVNNPT applies the form of On job training – training through the direct construction process at construction sites. This form helps the trained person to grasp all stages from preparation to construction implementation, acceptance and energization. Thereby, the trained person will have both knowledge and practical experience at the same time.

To update the latest trends on TBA automation systems, EVNNPT contacted famous experts and training organizations in the world and in the region, inviting them to conduct training to improve their knowledge. . EVNNPT coordinated with TNB R&D of Malaysia to provide advanced training on IEC 61850. The course brought a lot of additional knowledge and at the same time enhanced cooperation and exchange between the two sides.

In addition, in 2020, EVNNPT assigned NPTS to complete the project “Research and build a TBA integrated control system based on IEC 61850 protocol using monitoring and control software independent of equipment manufacturers. “. The results of the project, in addition to helping the NPTS research team have a deeper understanding of the IEC 61850 standard applied in the substation and the integrated control software, above all, EVNNPT has built a control system that can can integrate many control and protection devices of different brands into the same control system.

The results were achieved:

With the implementation of the strategy and solutions mentioned above, so far, EVNNPT has achieved many results: EVNNPT has gradually mastered integrated control systems, and at the same time built an integrable control system. equipment of many different brands according to IEC 61850 standard. This helps EVNNPT to be proactive in upgrading and building substation substation power transmission systems, regardless of suppliers.

According to statistics, EVNNPT was able to master the power control systems:


Zenon by COPADATA.

SurvalentOne by Survalent.

MicroSCADA by ABB.


NR’s PCS9700.

Computer control system built by EVNNPT itself: Control system of Tam Ky 220 kV substation.

In addition, EVNNPT has developed and issued the Regulation on basic technical requirements of the substation control system on the basis of IEC 61850 standard. This is a very important regulation to help EVNNPT unify and master the system. computer control TBA on the transmission grid.

EVNNPT masters integrated control technology of substation - 2
The computer control system was built by EVNNPT at the Tam Ky 220kV Station.

With the development of the power system in general and the transmission grid in particular, along with automation technology, there are new developments, becoming smarter and following the trend of digital technology.

Therefore, EVNNP is required to increase investment in technology innovation, build an integrated control system with the model of the substation that operates automatically without an operator. Achieving this is no small challenge, but with an increasingly mature technical team, EVNNPT is firmly in control of technology, meeting the reliable operation of the national power transmission grid.