Aggregation Node XTran

  • OTN Systems (BELGIUM)

 The XTran Aggregation Nodes are compliant with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. The platform with a capacity of 64Gbps is designed to operate under harsh conditions and consists of node types XT2210-A, XT2209-A, XT2206-A, XT1104-A

Product details

- Node XT-1104-A is ultra-compact and can host a single PSU and CSM and has 4 interface slots. 

- Node XT-2210-A can be equipped with dual PSUs and dual CSMs for redundancy purposes and has 10 interface slots.

- Node XT-2206-A is similar to node XT-2210-A but offers 6 interface slots instead of 10.

- XT-2209-A is similar to XT-2210-A but is optimized for the 9-L3A-L IFM

General specification:

  • Switching capacity of 64 Gbps
  • Nodes that offer a rugged industrial design with no moving parts, substation compliance to IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, extended temperature range and EMC requirements
  • Compact, DIN-RAIL or 19” rack mountable
  • Modular and full front access.
  • Hot pluggable power supplies and interfaces
  • Highest reliability possible via dual common controller and switching fabric.
  • Sub 50ms protection switching in all network topologies (MPLS-TP).
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities based on MPLS-TP OAM enhancements. 
  • Advanced network management suite, TXCare, for total control during deployment, operation and maintenance 
  • Built in features for fast deployment and easy replacement to reduce field interventions.
  • High level of security
  • Designed to carry TDM and Ethernet traffic.
  • Hitless switching (zero packet loss) for TDM services.
  • Based on open and industrial accepted MPLS-TP standard.




Chassis, Power Supply and Central Switching Module

Ethernet Interface

Legacy Interface

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