Core Node – XT2215-A

  • OTN Systems (BELGIUM)

The XTran Core Nodes (XT-2215-A) have a ruggedized design and are compliant with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613. The high capacity core node XT-2215-A is ideal to build up the high bandwidth (up to 720 Gbps) network that operates as the core network.

Product details

Node XT2215-A can be equipped with:

  • NSM-A/B + Interface adapter kit (required)
  • Dual PSUs (AC, DC) for redundancy purposes (one PSU is required)
  • Dual CSMs for redundancy purposes (one CSM is required)
  • 2 dedicated 9-L3A-L(=main)/9-L3EA-L (=extension) combinations
  • 5 Fan Modules (each module includes 6 fans) for cooling purposes
  • 15 universal IFM slots (≤ 60 back end ports)
    • Existing IFMs designed for aggregation nodes (Ref. [9] in Table 1) can be used in Core nodes provided that they are installed via an interface adapter kit
    • New IFMs designed for core nodes: 4-10G-LW, 1-40G-LW, 

XT2215-A can have a switching capacity of 720Gbps and compliant with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613

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