The 21-203 is a protocol independent optical-electrical-optical long haul converter link with data integrity control for high reliability.
This conversion method offers a better (lower) error rate for low speed signals compared to transparent converters suitable only for high speed signals.

Product details

The 21-203 MM/SM converter is intended to extend optical reach for any low speed optical data signal into the long haul distances.
Using a 21-203 the optical short reach signals can be sent without the need for additional and expensive communication systems normally found in long haul communications.
When combined with the other products in Fibersystems teleprotection communication product line this converter allows for a very cost effective solution.
The 21-203 is particularly useful in differential line protection setups where dedicated fiber is available thus eliminating the need for multiplexers for the teleprotection traffic.
The 21-203 is compatible with the standards based IEEE C37.94 optical interface for teleprotection equipment and its protocol independence makes ideal for interoperation with any teleprotection equipment suppliers products

Fiber optic link - Multimode Interface  
Wavelength 850nm
Fiber optical connector LC
Optical system budget 15dB in multi mode fiber 6.25/125um
Typical distance 2km
Fiber optic link - Singlemode Interface  
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Fiber optical connector LC
Optical system budget 21-203 30dB in multi mode fiber 9/125um
Optical system budget 21-203M/R 46dB in multi mode fiber 9/125um
Optical system budget 21-203L/R 50dB in multi mode fiber 9/125um
Typical distance 0-120, 0-200, 0-250km
Fiber optic protocol 125Mbit/s, multimode data is sampled at 25MSamples/s and coded with 4B/5B coding
Power Supply  
DC 48V DC to 250V DC, ±20%
AC 110VAC to 230VAC ±20%, 50-60 Ηz
AC-connector IEC 320, 3 pin
Power consumption <15W
Operating temperature range -25 to +55 oC
Storage teperature range -40 to +85 oC
Relative humidity Operating, 5 to 95 % Storage, 5 to 95 % non condensing.
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